Connect Case Management (ccm.) is an NDIS-registered, multidisciplinary service provider based in Perth. We partner with leading healthcare professionals to improve community wellbeing and quality of life through friendly, inclusive and personalised support.

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Established in 2015 by Managing Director Amanda Halfpenny, ccm. is founded on the belief that support should be a fundamental human right. Specialising in acquired brain injury and mental health, we endeavour to foster genuine progress and support that not only improves the life of the individual, but also educates societal views on mental health.

We design services with an enduring and meaningful focus on person centred planning. We aim to be as culturally and socially aware as possible so that we may best understand the specialist support needs of our clients and their families, partners and communities.

We are recognised within the industry and have built a strong reputation for knowledgeable and highly effective support. Through this experience we have been fortunate to partner with leading health professionals in our industry, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, medical specialists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors, nurses and support workers.

We aim to connect individuals with the best possible support, connect support with professional education and training, and connect professionals with the encouragement for growth.

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Amanda Halfpenny

Amanda Halfpenny

Managing Director

Specialising in acquired brain injury, disability and aged care, Amanda has extensive clinical experience in a variety of health care environments. With a definitive background in social work, she is passionate in working closely with individuals, their families and partners to discover the best support and services for a better quality of life. Amanda founded ccm. in 2014 on the principle of providing meaningful, personalised and professional support for all.

Expertise: Complex injury case management; change management; stakeholder management; counselling; psychosocial assessment and intervention; leadership and training.

Kim Duff

Kim Duff

Case Manager/Occupational Therapy

Specialising in occupational therapy and case management, Kim manages complex caseloads requiring assessment, recommendations, adaptations, reviews and on-going support in community, disability and residential care. She takes a great interest in working collaboratively with a wide range of people to provide support and training to improve the quality of life for her clients. Kim joined ccm. in 2018.

Expertise: Complex injury case management; physical disability and aged care; home assessment and modifications; moving and handling assessments.

Emma Rawlin-Smith

Case Manager/Registered Nurse

Specialising in case management, family support and social integration, Emma assists clients with acquired brain injury, dementia, complex care/technology dependence and special needs. She has over 25 years of experience working with paediatric and aged clients and has extensive experience as a manager and clinical coordinator in both settings. She enjoys designing customised care plans that promote wellness and collaborating closely with clients, families and support agencies. Emma joined ccm. in 2017.

Expertise: Complex injury case management; acquired brain injury; planned care; dementia care; ventilator and tracheostomy dependency.

Zuzana Racecova

Zuzana Racekova

Case Manager/Registered Nurse

Specialising in rehabilitation and management, Zuzana supports adult and paediatric clients with spinal cord injuries (including tracheostomy and ventilator dependency), traumatic and acquired brain injuries, complex care needs and disabilities. She is passionate about her work, and assists clients and their families by creating environments of healing, trust, and commitment, and, hopefully, improving a better quality of life. Zuzana joined ccm. in 2018.

Expertise: Complex injury case management; paediatric and adult rehabilitation; clinical care assessments and planning; complex case coordination; mentorship.

Sam Wright

Sam Wright

Office Coordinator

Specialising in office coordination and management, Sam has over 18 years experience working with children and vulnerable young people. She is passionate about providing support and equal opportunities for all, and believes this can be achieved through empathy, equity and fairness. On weekends she enjoys hanging out with her family in the outdoors, watching sport or entertaining friends and family. Sam joined ccm. in 2019.

Expertise: Communication and organisational skills; reliability and discretion; problem solving and initiative; empathetic and supportive.

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